October 4th - Launch Day

October 4th, 1957: the Space Age was ushered in with the launch of Sputnik by the Soviet Union.

59 years later, to the day, the Environmental Age is ushered in (well... maybe... perhaps... with huge wishful thinking) via the launch of the book 'Ecotopia 2121' by Arcade Publishers, NY.

Lest you believe these two launches are not connected, take a look at the following image depicting Paris in the year 2121 (and which appears in the 'Ecotopia 2121' book).

"Well", you say, "that looks like a space project has gone terribly wrong!". Yes, indeed, and the story associated with the image indicates that the Environmental Age may only eventuate due to the demise of some future grand space project. For the full story, read 'Ecotopia 2121'.

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