Utopia as a Hopeful Place

The Ecotopia 2121 project set out to depict 100 future Green Utopian cities around the world. The final monograph was published late last year by Arcade Publishers on the 500th anniversary of the release of the original Utopia book by Saint Thomas More (which was published sometime in the winter of 1516/1517).

Bastia 2121 by Alan Marshall

Now, you may think you have problems nowadays as a certain amber-colored climate-change-denying, wall-building, bodypart-grabbin', TV celebrity Real Estate agent (with a penchant for Putin-type patriotism) causes managerial chaos in the world's most powerful nation. But this aint nothin' compared to what Thomas More had to put up with as he dared to criticize King Henry VIII in early 16th Century England.

Thomas More was actually great friends with Henry VIII for many years but More still ended up with is head chopped-off and set on a pike on London Bridge 'cause they had a disagreement about some matters of law. However, till his dying day, More never gave up Hope, and he never relinquished his ideals. (And he's now the 'Patron Saint of lawyers and politicians')

So, in celebration of Hope -- the very idea of it -- let me point to the 100 hopeful utopias of the future; all part of the Ecotopia 2121 project and previewed here at CNN (Even CNN are battling with Trump!).

The year 2121 was selected as the Ecotopia scenario date because I thought humanity might have a chance to get its act together by then to be able to realize ecofriendly utopian cities. It also served as an antidote to the many unambitious 2020 city plans put forward by a host of urban planners as they imagined 2020 was a date they'd have some control over and which cutely aligned with the metaphor of 20:20 vision.

Now, though, I agree that 2020 is a year to look forward to, a year of hope, a year when maybe a 'Trump-Dump' can be manifested, to release us back to the path of social progress. Let's hear it for 2020!

For the complete story of Bristol 2121, see the Ecotopia 2121 project book.

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