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Springfield 2121 - A Super Green Futuristic City

The Ecotopia 2121 Project seeks to identify 100 super-ecofriendly cities set 100 years in the future. Today, we focus on Springfield, USA.

In the early 22nd century, the Springfield city administration is running out of money. The highways, for instance, are in a state of disrepair and haven’t been resurfaced for years. When the residents congregate for public events, they often speak their mind with regard to the highways:

Let them degrade. We don’t need them. We’re not in any hurry to leave. It’s so nice here!

And, compounding this infrastructure problem, they also declare that they don’t care if it takes visitors an extra-long time to get to Springfield, because that means only the ones who really like the place make the effort to come.

The desire to balance the books by cutting expenditures on the highways has the side effect of making Springfield even nicer. There’s less pollution, less noise, and less roadkill. It might mean that the prices of fuel, food, and beer imported into the town will rise, but then again Springfield has a positive take on these issues, too, declaring that with fewer highways and Springfield being so nice to walk around nowadays, they’d be inclined to drive less and wouldn’t need to use so much gas.

As for the food and drink, Springfield 2121 can easily find space within this de-developed futuristic city —now that all the highways have disintegrated — to grow their own healthier food and maybe even start an organic brewery.

Springfield in the Future

Another thing that makes Springfield 2121 so much nicer is that the nuclear plant has closed down. It was scheduled for refurbishment, but when the residents learned that their electricity bills would go up by a whopping 100 percent to pay for this, they just packed up all the uranium rods and sent them off to Siberia, where they’ll get dumped secretly and cheaply somewhere near Orenburg.

The Book Ecotopia 2121

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