Visions of Our Future Green Utopia — in 100 Cities.

The Ecotopia 2121 Project sets out to predict the super ecofriendly futures of 100 real world cities across the globe.

The results appear together in a gigantic colorful illustrated book of cityscapes & social narrative.
And check out the media links for a preview.

After years of fieldwork, studio work, library work, footwork, travel, research, debate, theorizing, writing, and artistic exploration -- a compendium of 100 illustrated stories have been assembled together to discuss how different cities from around the world can transform into Green Utopias by the year 2121AD. The 100 selected cities include famous places like London, New York, and Paris but also some faraway places you've probably never heard of, like Dawai, Puno, and Yiyang. Also included are mysterious cities like Timbuktu, Xanadu, and Shangri La -- which may sound like fantasy and fiction but, actually, they’re all real cities. For reviews of the Ecotopia 2121 project, click on the media links just below...

A Film About the Project's Methodology 

Our urban futures can be green & fair -- for all species!

El Paso 2121

La Paz 2121

Puno 2121

Seville 2121

Bethlehem 2121

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