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After years of fieldwork, studio work,  and artistic exploration, a compendium of 100 illustrated stories have been assembled together to discuss how different cities from around the world can transform into Green Utopias by the year 2121. The 100 selected cities include famous places like London, New York, and Paris but also some faraway places you've probably never heard of, like Dawai, Puno, and Yiyang. Also included are mysterious cities like Timbuktu, Xanadu, and Shangri La - which may sound like fantasy and fiction but, actually, they’re all real cities. For previews & reviews of our Green Utopia project, click on the media links...


One of the main methods used in this project is explored in this movie -- screened at film festivals across the globe.

Here's what the World Economic Forum had to say about our urban futures before one of their Davos meetings....

And here's what the Italian TV show Piazza Pulito had to say about our urban futures before one of the IPCC 's COP meetings:

And if you want to explore urban life in the very far future, take a listen to our award-winning podcast  

"Posthuman Enterprises Presents... " (Previously broadcast on NPR and Sirius XM radio) 






You can access all the other episodes by clicking the graphic below:

Posthuman Enterprises presents... (Episode One)
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