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 The Book 

Embark upon an evocative and challenging journey across the globe, through time and space, and into an enchanting and imaginative eco-future.

The Ecotopia 2121 book was published by Skyhorse Publishers (NY) in landscape format on the 500th birthday of Thomas More's original Utopia book.

"This is an impressive and monumental work"

Luc Hens, Int. Journ. of Environment & Pollution

"Very few academics ever produce anything as stunning and imaginative as this."
Times Higher Education
"Alan Marshall has produced a masterpiece with 'Ecotopia 2121'. It is an inspirational narrative of artistic vision, critical scholarship, ecological imagination and wisdom." 

Dr. Jennifer M. Gidley, President,

World Futures Studies Federation

"A curious and creative volume that should interest and entertain urban planners and policy-makers."

Publishers Weekly

"Like William Morris's 'News from Nowhere', 'Ecotopia 2121' combines rational thought with imagination and that is where its power and persuasiveness lie."

John Blewitt, Aston Business School 

"One of the strangest books that I've ever reviewed ... quirky ...beautiful ... and like all good utopian stories, there are some darker reflections."

Brian Clegg, Popular Science

"Beautifully illustrated with 100 images of what the future might entail, it is a coffee-table book calling for revolution"
Resurgence and Ecologist Magazine


The Ecotopia 2121 book is a gigantic gallery of 100 cityscapes designed via 'scenario artwork'. The story of each city is then described through a narrative that details their transformation into an ecofriendly utopia. Ecotopia 2121 is radical in imagination and radically Green; a manifesto to engage the Anthropocene, to survive the climate crisis, and to prosper in a new ecological age.

You can order Ecotopia 2121 from all the usual outlets; online and in real bookstores.



Ecotopia 2121 is the winner of the 'Future Forecasts' category at the 2016 Green Book Festival.
The Ecotopia 2121 Project, the master-class seminar at Mahidol University, was the winner of the 2015 Kenneth M. Roemer Award for Innovation in Course Design.
Ecotopia 2121 won a Silver Medal in the 2017 Nautilus Awards in the photography/artwork section.
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Moving even further into the future, the project coordinator has also engaged a science fiction approach to predicting what life will be like in the year 3001AD. See this podcast below for the results.

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