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A Towering Green Future: Stavanger in the Far Future

In this future studies project, we describe the super-Green futures of more than 100 cities across the globe. It uses a variety of methods and processes to do this. Today we utilize the procedures of the Literary Method of Urban Design to predict the future of the Norwegian city of Stavanger.

There's a fine series of Viking poems devoted to the origins of their world, including one with a section reading:

Yggdrasill shivers,

the ash, as it stands.

The old tree groans,

and the giant slips free.

Inspired by this poem -- and cognizant of the importance of the magnificent divine ash tree called Yggdrasil -- here's a series of 'Scenario Artworks' of the city of Stavanger in the 22nd century. As you can see, the city and its suburbs grow as a series of giant organic towers to embrace a verdent and soaring Green future.

Towering Green Future

The towering green future of Stavanger, I

Urban green towers

The towering green future of Stavanger, II


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