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Ponderosa Perfection in Future Flagstaff

This project details the futures of more than 100 cities across the globe as they fight to overcome all the grave socio-environmental challenges of the 21st century. As part of this process, we highlight the inevitable demise of the global oil economy and the rise of shared transport in the city of Flagstaff, Arizona.

Future Arizona

Future Flagstaff by the Ecotopia 2121 team

Like some other expansive suburbanized American cities, the pathway forward to supreme eco-friendliness for Flagstaff revolves around key changes regarding transport, recycling and conservation:


  • Improving and expanding public transportation options -- including the banning of lone-person driving and the rise of the obligatory use of multi-passenger vehicles.

  • Developing pedestrian-friendly infrastructure.

  • Incentivizing the use of electric vehicles (but only if they are fuelled via renewable energy sources).


  • Increasing recycling initiatives and providing accessible recycling facilities.

  • Implementing composting programs for organic waste.

  • Increasing the number of parks and green spaces.

  • Supporting local agriculture and community gardens that enhance local species diversity.

The gallery below shows how future Flagstaff might develop its own quirky atmosphere if it willingly adopts these approaches wholesale over the next decades.

Future Flagstaff -- A Scenic Gallery

Prepared by the Ecotopia 2121 team (please click right / left through the gallery)



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