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From Pittsburgh, PA, we recieved this announcement from the 2015 conference of the Society for Utopian Sudies:

"For their innovative Urban Environmental seminar course, ECOTOPIA 2121, this year's 'Kenneth E. Roemer Innovative Course Design Award' goes to two academics from Mahidol University in Thailand: Dr. Alan Marshall and Dr. Kanang Kantamaturapoj."

"This course was chosen by the Society for Utopian Studies Teaching Committee for its innovation and the combination of real-world problems (in existing cities), and the strong use of imagination as depicted by the future visual representations of the cities. The Committee particularly liked the continuum of theory-to-implementation activities, and the onus on students to read, write, think, and make. The committee also felt it was quite innovative to have students select a city and determine its environmental problems, imagine a better vision of that city, and then render that vision in graphic form. We felt this submission displayed an imaginative graphics course grounded in a particular problem."

The award itself is named after a well-known scholar of Utopian Studies whose been critically examining and teaching in the field for many years. One of Roemer's best-known works is the Pulitzer-nominated book 'The Obsolete Necessity'.


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