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Cathedrals of Green in Future Minneapolis

This project predicts the future of 100 super-ecofriendly cities across the globe -- as though they have survived climate change and gone on to flourish anew. Today, we highlight the future of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Minneapolis was the first city to build that 'Cathedral to Capitalism' that we call the Shopping Mall.

However, religious tastes change by the end of the 21st century. Americans of the Mid-West are not so devoted to accumulating material things as they once were.

Thusly, the good folk of Minneapolis begin to build 'Cathedrals of Living Nature'; gigantic sacred sites to gaze upon the wonders of the living world -- all in a series of Titanic Greenhouses...

Minneapolis 2121 by Alan Marshall

Minneapolis 2121

As well as providing a space for citizens to worship Nature, they can also find places just to rest and relax, whilst hearing birds tweet and insects buzz.

Minneapolis 2121 by Alan Marshall

Cathedral of Green, Minneapolis 2121


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