California's Secession and San Francisco's Green Future

Yes, Trump wins the presidency at the same time that California legalizes cannabis. Either this is an auspicious moment to use the friendly plant to escape from reality--or it's an energizing jolt onward toward California's secession from the Union. In either case, the Ecotopia 2121 project presents a San Francisco of the future.

San Francisco 2121: From Bohemia to Growhemia.

In this San Francisco of the future, neighborhoods transform themselves into proud ‘self-grow’ eco-villages with intense social interaction based not on the exchange of goods and services but primarily on the exchange of ideas and experiences. 'Growhemia', as it is nicknamed, is heavily into urban gardening and they work tirelessly to share the latest ideas about growing plants for food and growing plants for fun.

Like their artistic brothers and sisters in the past Bohemian sectors of America, they are untroubled by social disapproval as they set up Green markets in the streets to trade necessities without paper money being involved. Some days, organic carrots are the benchmark currency, other days its Californian beetnuts. Of course, hemp products and medicinal marijuana are also heavily traded.

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