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In December 1516, during the Age of Discovery and with the growth of Humanism, a new word was released to the world: Utopia. It was the title of a book about a fantastic island somewhere far away in the world ...

To celebrate the half millennium of Utopia, this December, the Ecotopia 2121 Project harnesses the spirit of Utopia to envision green utopian futures for 100 cities around the world. For instance...

London 2121: the Tower of London is de-constructed and re-assembled to enclose an inner-city eco-village.

Mexico City 2121: The ancient extinct Aztec lake of Texcoco is gradually rehabilitated by 2121 to its former glory; working once again to cleanse the city's waters naturally.

Dubai 2121: The Gulf's glitziest city constructs five towering Olympic villages, each to house athletes for the (Winter) Olympics. No snow? No problem. Dubai already hosts the world's largest indoor ski-field.

Tokyo 2121: A nearby atomic energy plant explodes, forcing evacuation of thirty million people. Only a group of hardy ‘nuclear families’ living in ‘moon-base’ homes are prepared to tough it out.

Wellington 2121: After a cataclysmic earthquake, and a massive sea-level rise, New Zealand's capital re-emerges like a tranquil agrarian shire from Middle Earth.

These five cities comprise a small portion of the one hundred cities whose futures are predicted in the book Ecotopia 2121: A Vision of Our Future Green Utopia. To see if your city is included, you can check here.

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