In December 1516, during the Age of Discovery and with the growth of Humanism, a new word was thrown upon the world: Utopia. It was the title of a book about a fantastic island in some far off place across the world.

In celebration of Utopia’s half-millennium birthday, this December, the Ecotopia 2121 Project harnesses the spirit of Utopia to imagine Green Utopian futures for one-hundred of the world's cities. For example....

London 2121: the Tower of London is de-constructed and re-assembled to enclose an inner-city eco-village.

Mexico City 2121: The ancient extinct Aztec lake of Texcoco is gradually rehabilitated by 2121 to its former glory; working once again to cleanse the city's waters naturally.

Dubai 2121: The Gulf's glitziest city constructs five towering Olympic villages, each to house athletes for the (Winter) Olympics. No snow? No problem. Dubai already hosts the world's largest indoor ski-field.

Tokyo 2121: A nearby atomic energy plant explodes, forcing evacuation of thirty million people. Only a group of hardy ‘nuclear families’ living in ‘moon-base’ homes are prepared to tough it out.

Wellington 2121: After a cataclysmic earthquake, and a massive sea-level rise, New Zealand's capital re-emerges like a tranquil agrarian shire from Middle Earth.

These five cities comprise a small part of the one-hundred cities whose futures are forecast in the book Ecotopia 2121: A Vision of Our Future Green Utopia. To see if your city is included, you can check here.

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