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How to 'Write' a City? The Art of Imagining Urban Futures

A future Singapore inspired by the tales of Gulliver's Travels?

A future London designed from the book Utopia?

A future Bavarian city envisioned through the novel of Frankenstein?

A future Tokyo motivated by Ray Bradbury's The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms?

Welcome to the 'Literary Method of Urban Design'...

An explanation of 'The Literary Method of Urban Design' appears in a recently published article in The Conversation.

Within the article, there is an educational film showing some 'case studies' of 'The Literary Method of Urban Design' (see above for the film's trailer).

This film was also an 'official selection' at 9FilmFest (Thailand) as well as at the Saratov Sufferings Documentary Drama Film Festival (Russia), the Festival AZYL (Slovakia), the Kuala Lumpur Environmental Film Festival (Malaysia) and the To Save and Preserve International Ecological Film Festival (Russia).

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